Head of Division - prof. dr hab. Sambor Grucza

Members of Staff:

  • prof. dr hab. Olena Petrashchuk
  • dr hab. Paweł Szerszeń
  • dr Justyna Alnajjar
  • dr Anna Bajerowska
  • dr Anna Borowska
  • dr Agnieszka Dickel
  • dr Iwona Jacewicz
  • dr Magdalena Latkowska
  • dr Marta Małachowicz
  • dr Elżbieta Plewa
  • dr Monika Płużyczka
  • dr Michał Wilczewski
  • mgr Anna Bonek
  • mgr Urszula Burda
  • mgr Kamilla Kosewska
  • mgr Jadwiga Marczyk
  • mgr Marcin Możdżonek
  • mgr Joanna Otocka
  • mgr Alicja Sztuk

Scope of research
Research priorities cover the communicative and cognitive functions of specialist languages,
textual and discursive representation of specialist knowledge, and textual and discursive specialist competence. Specialist competence viewed in this way constitutes a new challenge for the systematic study of the linguistics of specialist languages. Our staff conduct the research described above across Polish, German, English and Russian specialist languages as well as in a contrastive dimension. In other words, our top priority is to establish overt exponents characteristic of thinking and/or talking about what an examined representative of a given specialist community, or a given sub-set of its representatives, deals with, i.e. to establish a peculiar ‘linguistification' of his/her work, its subject and its results.  
We have been tasked with answering questions regarding the current state of reality as expressed in specialist language or specialist languages. We are also looking into the ‘natural' development of specialist languages, that is to say, their development independent of any outside influence.
International collaboration is conducted with academic centres in Germany, China and Japan.